Shining Stars

This programme is for dogs who have completed the previous levels of the Programme or who have a higher level of basic training.

Continuing the lifeskills learning this class builds on the previous levels through increased complexity and challenging situations.

Sessions are centred around the core topics of problem-solving, confidence building, canine care, body awareness, self-control and social aspects. This class offers both the Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards (KCGCDS) and a range of training including life skills, focus and fun.

A Facebook Group provides ongoing support outside of class. A certificate is presented on successful completion of the course. KCGCDS Certificates are presented on successful completion of the necessary criteria.

Cost £90

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Session - 8 weeks. Dates for 2021

8 February 2.00pm FULL

17 April 3.00pm FULL

30 June 7.00pm FULL

8 September 7.00pm FULL

17 November 7.00pm