Novice – Adolescent, Young & Beginner Dogs

A programme for adolescent dogs, young dogs and dogs who may not have been to training classes before.

Teaching lifeskills required by the modern dog this class offers both the Kennel Club Good Citizen (KCGCDS) Awards and a range of training including life skills, focus and fun.

With sessions covering problem solving, confidence building, canine care, body awareness, self-control and social aspects, this class aims to teach the building blocks for a well rounded dog that can cope with the ever changing world around them.

Help Sheets and a Facebook Group provide ongoing support outside of class. A certificate is presented on successful completion of the course. KCGCDS Certificates are presented on successful completion of the necessary criteria.

Cost £100

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Session - 6 weeks. Dates for 2022

31 January  7.00pm 

2 February 8.00pm

18 April 7.00pm

20 April 8.00pm

27 June 7.00pm

29 June 8.00pm

5 September 7.00pm

7 September 8.00pm

14 November7.00pm

16 November  8.00pm