Helen Jones

Helen has been the Welfare Officer for the Dog Aid Society since 2004 and has a wide knowledge of different breeds.

Helen has trained a variety of dogs and has over 25 years experience in both class situations & one to one tuition. Helen has welcomed a variety of dogs into her home and currently owns Tarn (Border Collie), Bella (Border Collie) and Kobi (German Shepherd).

Having worked in rescue for 17 years, Helen has shared her home with various dogs which have ended up as permanent residents (Bella is the current case in point).

Experienced in a wide range of behavioural problems; particularly in dog reactive and anxious dogs and uses her knowledge, patience and expertise to help those dogs & owners enjoy a normal life.

Helen has trained her own dogs in general obedience, working trials, lowland search and rescue and co-operative care.

Helen is a recognised trainer and judge for Scentwork UK, is a Kennel Club good citizen judge (Bronze A list) and has competed and judged in working trails across the UK. Also an instructor at Hoopers.

Helen has (and continues to) attend a number of canine related courses and seminars covering canine behaviours, clicker training, T-Touch and regularly attends Clicker Expo.

Helen is also a fully qualified pet and human first aider.