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What are Working Trials?


Working Trials are a competitive sport and are the civilian version of police dog trials.  They are physically demanding of both dog and handler and require a good level of fitness for both.  Working Trials can be traced back to 1924, although the current format dates back to 1961 however, there have been some minor changes made.


Working Trials are open to any breed of dog providing they are fit and healthy and over eighteen months of age.  Any Kennel Club Registered dog can take part (irrespective of pedigree).  At this time small dogs can only compete in the lower stakes where the jumps are reduced.


Working Trials comprises of graduated levels known as "Stakes" and these are:-


C.D. - Companion Dog

U.D. - Utility Dog

W.D. - Working Dog

T.D. - Tracking Dog

P.D. - Patrol Dog


To qualify each team of handler and dog must attain 70% of the marks in each section and 80% overall.  Quaification allows you to progress ot the next level.  Two wins in Championship TD or PD quaifies the dog as a Working Trials Champion.


Each stake comprises of three sections:-





PD has a fourth section of Patrol (or Manwork).


Further details of the exercises and the marking of the tests can be found on the Kennel Club Website

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Working Trials

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