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Nosework is a great, fun way to exercise your dog's natural abilities.  


Tracking involves teaching your dog to follow human scent around a a pre-determined pattern, finding "articles" along the way.  We work towards the regulations of the UK Tracking Dog Association and the Kennel Club's regulations for Working Trials.


The tracks grow in complexity as you progress through the levels, they are aged for differing lengths of time and with more complex patterns.  




Cost £15

Session - Monthly 3 Hour


Class Dates for 2018 are:-


Sunday 25 February

Sunday 25 March

Sunday 29 April (PM)

Sunday 20 May

Sunday 24 June

Sunday 29 July

Sunday 26 August

Sunday 23 September

Sunday 14 October

Sunday 25 November


Please note that these dates may be changed subject to other events taking place in Scotland.  Each class is advised in an email to those registered.  Summer dates [April to August] are dependent on available land.


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