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Our final programme in the Stars Series is for dogs who have completed the previous levels or who have a high level of training.  


Sessions continue to be centred around the core topics of problem-solving, confidence building, canine care, body awareness, self-control and social aspects with increasing complexity.


Help sheets and a Facebook Group provide ongoing support outside of class.  A certificate is presented on successful completion of the course.  KCGCDS and IMDT Partnership Certificates are presented on successful completion of the necessary criteria.


Cost £70

Session - 8 weeks


Dates for 2019:-



11 February 8.00pm FULL


8 April 8.00pm


3 June 8.00pm


29 July 8.00pm


23 September 8.00pm


18 November 8.00pm (will include a break for Christmas and New Year)



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